About Department

Head of the Department – Doctor of Economics, Professor – Mykhailo R. Luchko

Mykhailo Luchko has been teaching and conducting research in accounting since 1988 when he joined the faculty of TNEU (then Ternopil Institute of Finance and Economics). He published more than 160 works in the field. His academic interests include organization and methodology of accounting, issues in consolidated financial accounting, and implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards. In 2008 he defended his doctoral (Doctor of Sciences) dissertation “Consolidated financial statement: Systematic approach to its Establishment and Development”. Over his career, he served as a dissertation advisor for ten Candidate of Science students. From 2006 to 2013 he served as a director of a private higher educational institution “European University” in Ternopil, Ukraine. Since 1994 he has been the director of auditing firm “Ter Audit”. In 2013 he became the chair of the Department of Accounting in Public Sector of Economy and Service Sector  at TNEU.  Dr. Luchko also leads a joint international bachelor programme with the University of Computer Sciences and Economics in Olsztyn (Poland).

Phone number: (0352) 47-50-50 * 12-304

Department of accounting in the public sector of economy and service sector was founded in November 1999.

The Department of accounting in the public sector of economy and service sector provides training on specialty “Accounting and Taxation” for full-time and part-time students at the following education levels:

Education program “Information technologies of accounting, taxation and control in the public sector” (Bachelor and Master);

Master program “International accounting” (English language program).

The main tasks of the Department are:

1) to improve scientific and educational level of teaching, quality and efficiency of educational process;

2) to provide high scientific and theoretical, methodological and professional level of teaching;

3) to improve innovative methods of educational process and modern education and computer technologies;

4) to carry out scientific and research work;

5) to boost students’ scientific work in order to develop the elements of creativity in the learning process;

6) to establish and develop cooperation with regional businesses, government agencies to enhance the students practical training and pre-graduation internship;

7) to promote future students employment  and  alumni advising;

8) to cooperate with educational institutions, business entities, public sector entities and others.

The Department of accounting in the public sector of economy and service sector currently consists of 13 members, among them: 1 doctor of economic sciences, professor; 2 doctors of economic sciences, associate professors, 10 PhD and engineer.

Department specializes in the problems of the economics, accounting, auditing, financial analysis, control and taxation of the public sector entities and social sphere.