List of subjects

  1. Accounting in foreign countries (in English)
  2. Accounting in foreign countries (in German)
  3. Accounting (in English)
  4. Consolidation of financial statements (in English)
  5. Methodology of research and teaching of accounting subjects (English)
  6. International accounting and financial reporting standards (in English)
  7. Organizing of Accounting (in English)
  8. Accounting and taxation of multinational companies (in English)
  9. Accounting in budgetary institutions
  10. Diagnostic ofbudgets
  11. Accounting in the public sector
  12. Accounting policies
  13. Information systems and technology in accounting and auditing
  14. Accounting of foreign economic activity
  15. Accounting in Public Sector
  16. Diagnostics of the enterprises financial and economic activities
  17. Reporting in budgetary institutions
  18. Management information systems in the analysis and auditing
  19. Control in the public sector
  20. Accounting and analysis in the public sector entities
  21. The account budget execution in the State Treasury Service of Ukraine
  22. Accounting and financial reporting according to international standards